Maggie Smart Data

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Tailored data analysis

Often the value in your data is locked away. I will work with you to establish what question you need answered and what decision that information will support. Together we will create an analytical approach tailored to your specific needs. I will ensure that the results are communicated in a way that can be shared with non-technical audiences.

Examples of areas of expertise:

  • Statistical modelling.
  • Quantitative impact evaluation – analysing randomised controlled trials (RCTs), quasi-experimental designs, difference in difference analysis.
  • Segmentation.
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Supporting your capability

These are some of the ways I can support your analysis functions:

  • For the times when you are low on resources and just need another skilled pair of hands, I can help.
  • I can provide an independent review of your analytical methods and uses of data.
  • Whether it is statistical analysis, drawing out the message from analysis results, communicating uncertainty, or concepts for leading and growing analytical teams I can work with you to enhance your capability.
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Analysis of equality of opportunity in higher education

During my time at UCAS and the Office for Students I spent time developing analysis related to equality of opportunity and how this varies for different student groups throughout the student lifecycle. I can help with analysis related to this topic, whether it is understanding the data that is available publicly, using data for quantitative impact evaluation or getting the best insights from your own data.