Maggie Smart Data

Photo of Maggie Smart Image by Jermaine Kelly Photography


Maggie is an experienced data analysis professional, with over 30 years’ experience applying statistical analysis across a wide range of sectors including higher education, food, retail and marketing.

Throughout that time, whether leading a team of analysts or engaging with clients and stakeholders, Maggie continued to be hands-on with creating new analysis and communicating what the analysis means.

She understands the power of using coding to create analysis – delivering results rapidly and ensuring that audit trails and effective quality control are possible. Maggie is a highly experienced programmer, using SAS and Python.

It has been a privilege for Maggie to work in a wide range of sectors, and means that she understands the importance of the context in which data is collected. She has a curiosity about the problem that the data analysis needs to solve and the decisions that it could support.

Over the last 10 years Maggie has developed a deep knowledge of data and policy in the higher education sector, as a senior leader at UCAS and the Office for Students. This means that she is an expert in data that supports student recruitment, understanding equality of opportunity and for regulation.